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Shoes sole cleaner and shoes bottom washer, basic and automatic shoes sole cleaning machine for home, hotel, restaurant, office, dust-free workshop, laboratory, food processing plant, hospital disposal room, etc.

SSC is the leader for the shoes sole cleaning industry, since 2002. We do not only clean your shoes sole but also bring a clean and clear life room.

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Moving brush plate

Automatic Ultra-thin

Automatic Corridor style

Roller brush sole cleaner

Passive open holes style

Multi function automatic -A

Multi function automatic -B

Boots cleaner

Air Shower Combined

Miniature small cleaner

Wheel cleaning mat device

Special customization


We have two brands:
SSC for Overseas market.
YINGTAI for China market.


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SSC, shoes sole cleaner company customer cases (part)

We served more than 280 companies all over the world,

These companies are involved in pharmaceutical, electronics food, Laboratory, Biology ,hotel..etc.


Air shower Entrance 1

Air shower Entrance 2

Automatic Ultra-thin shoes sosle cleaner at office



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